Collingwood Lighting

Collingwood Lighting

Collingwood Lighting has specialised in LED technology since 2002, producing the first high-performance fire-rated LED downlight in 2008 which revolutionised the industry.

LED lights are extremely energy-efficient which reduces CO2 emissions significantly.

As an innovative, environmentally sensitive company, Collingwood Lighting required a print partner with impeccable green credentials, which mirrored the ethos of their own environmental policies, to produce their latest catalogue.

Belmont Press has demonstrated its commitment to continuous improvement in environmental performance for over a quarter of a century. We have been certified to the internationally recognised ISO14001 Standard, FSC and PEFC schemes since 2006.

Together with our latest investments in print technology, renewable energy, and carbon reduction strategies, all operations at Belmont Press were certified as carbon neutral in 2022, with ambitions to be certified carbon zero by the middle of 2024. Collingwood Lighting therefore had no hesitation in approaching Belmont Press to produce their flagship publication.

World Land Trust

In support of the World Land Trust, (WLT,) Belmont Press procured carbon balanced paper to be used for the production of the substantial 492pp A4 catalogue. The WLT is an international conservation charity that protects the world’s threatened habitats. All of their forest protection and restoration projects have measured and verified positive benefits for communities, climate impact, and biodiversity conservation.

In supporting the WLT in this way, Collingwood Lighting were also able to use a recognised WLT logo within their publication, under-pinning their green policy statement to current and prospective clients.

As a reference publication subject to continued use, the print brief required the outer covers of the catalogue to be given some sort of protection. To ensure the highest possible environmental standards were maintained, this was achieved by using Cellogreen Matt Laminate which has all the benefits of a standard film laminate but is sustainable, biodegradable, and can be recycled. Cellogreen lamination is an eco-film that is made from highly refined wood pulp sourced from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative’s managed forests.


The requirement for longevity of the publication was achieved by PUR binding which is approximately 2.5 times stronger than perfect binding. PUR binding is more durable and offers greater stability as the catalogue ages. PUR glue is solvent free and therefore does not emit any solvent emissions during the process.

As well as being produced using the most environmentally sensitive production methods, the catalogue for Collingwood Lighting also had to be fit for purpose as a reference guide for their clients. The foredge was therefore tab index cut in 13 positions to create defined sections for each lighting category.

Upon completion, a number of catalogues were required for mailing purposes which were enclosed into ColomPac Wraps. These postal wraps are climate neutral and FSC certified whilst offering maximum safety and protection of the catalogue in transit. ColomPac Wraps are 100% recyclable.

Collingwood Lighting explained why partnering with Belmont Press was so important to them in upholding their environmental principles:

“Here at Collingwood Lighting, sustainability is at the core of everything we do, we aim to become Carbon Neutral by 2030. We use Belmont because of their core values. Working with an environmentally aware printer helps to reduce our own carbon footprint and contributes to saving the planet. This allows us to send out marketing materials to our customers, knowing that we are doing the right thing.”