Online retailer Moonpig approached Belmont Press, initially to utilise our fast turn-around digital printing on demand facility for their Business Continuity Plan. This was to support their own internal printing facilities based in Guernsey and London, in the event that a disaster recovery option was required.

When the Moonpig business demands exceeded forecasts, we were subsequently asked to step in on a short term 12 month contract, to print all cards ordered online in conjunction with a gift.

IT expertise and printing on demand

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) stated that all orders for cards received prior to 4pm had to be printed, reconciled with the requested gift, mailed out and delivered the following day to Moonpig clients. We immediately teamed up with Northampton based gift fulfilment operator Dalepak in order to deliver the contract. Dalepak held all gifts in their warehouse, while the Belmont Press team were responsible for printing and delivering cards into Dalepak for reconciliation.

Our internal IT team developed a bespoke system that integrated within the Moonpig website. The system would recognise if a card was ordered with a gift and would then automatically send the card order to our digital printing on demand team.

Large digital print capacity

We also utilised our own fleet of delivery vehicles to deliver cards into Dalepak at regular intervals throughout the day.  This enabled the Dalepak team to keep up with the high demand at peak periods. Throughout the Christmas period the Belmont Press digital print department printed and delivered over 10,000 cards per day to Dalepak.  This level of service and large digital print capacity provided peace of mind to Moonpig that their clients were receiving continuity of service while they invested in the infrastructure to eventually bring the printing back in house.

Our project management team actioned a smooth transition management plan once Moonpig were ready to take ownership of the printing again.