Franke is a high-end brand of kitchen systems with a focus on high quality manufacturing and stylish design. Selling through kitchen design studios, Franke’s brochure range is aimed at both consumers and the trade and is a key part of its marketing strategy. The company produces three major printed brochures for different product ranges each year, comprising 48 or 76 pages. They are required for the KBB exhibition, so the deadline is fixed. It’s a complex project featuring hundreds of products, photographs and drawings.

The Marketing Operations Manager at Franke had this to say about the service they received from the Belmont team:

Quality printed brochures

“Our range of printed brochures are our largest print project by some margin and a significant part of our budget. We needed a commercial printer who could deliver the quality we required, had the capacity to produce all three brochures at the same time to meet our deadline and was competitively priced. Belmont met these requirements, and they’re very easy to work with...We always need some flexibility as the artwork is often delayed due to the complexity of the project. We deal primarily with a sales person at Belmont, who is very professional, but it’s clear that each department has a different responsibility and that they manage the whole process very well.”

Quick and easy proofing

"We receive a level of service from Belmont that we haven't had from other commercial printers, and the small things make a big difference to us. We get the proofs back almost straight away and they have already been checked and marked up by the Repro team at Belmont. For example, checking that page numbers correspond with references on other pages. This is a great help, as someone viewing the brochures for the first time will spot things that you might not notice when you've read them dozens of times. We never compromise on quality, but price is an important factor, and Belmont Press delivered an excellent brochure printing service at a very competitive price."