Manchester Printer

Manchester printer

The relationship to a city centre community in Greater Manchester may not be immediately apparent for a Manchester printer whose main production facility is actually based in Northampton.

However, Belmont Press has a long standing affinity and established relationship with Manchester. We're proud to work with many of the city's well known brands and institutions.

All over the nation, from Edinburgh to Falmouth, Bristol to Ipswich, our work can be seen in the centre of local communities. While every location is different, regardless of where our clients are located, we want them to always feel at least partly at home with us. We aim to create that sense of comfort, security, and proximity.

Greater Manchester office

It is important to us that our business has a genuine and thorough understanding of the communities it joins, cultivating long-lasting relationships with our client base, and tries to comprehend the particular social, historical, and cultural nuances that make each location special.

With this in mind we felt it was vital to have a presence in Manchester,  employ a team who understood the values of the location and spend their time living and working from the city.  We also want our staff to feel engaged with our own business, cementing us as a go to Manchester Printer, aligning with our values, keeping the company's principles and culture constant.


Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter

The social difficulties that already existed in society have received more attention in recent years as COVID-19 has driven changes in achieving the work life balance. These changes often mean that employees are separated from the businesses they work for, working remotely. We want all of our employees to feel engaged with our business, feel a sense of common purpose, and in turn align our social values with like minded organisations.

To help create this synergy with the city, and ensure we improve on our social values year on year, we became an official supporter of The Greater Manchester Employment Charter in 2022. GMEC is a voluntary membership and assessment scheme that aims to raise employment standards across Greater Manchester, for all organisations of any size, sector or geography.

We felt the charter was an excellent fit with our own social values and helped reinforce the link we feel with Greater Manchester, our diverse customer base and our employees representing Belmont Press from the city.