Royal Museums Greenwich

Royal Museums Grenwich

Royal Museums Greenwich is a group of historic and internationally renowned museums and visitor attractions at the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site. The group comprises; the National Maritime Museum, the Royal Observatory, The Queen’s House, and the Cutty Sark. The organisation is both a prestigious historical group of museums with unique associations with the Crown and a charitable institution subject to commercial pressures. The group required a lithographic printers to produce high quality, souvenir guides for visitors to buy, which are an important source of revenue for the organisation.

The guides are beautifully designed with stunning photographs and detailed information about the attractions.

Souvenir Guides

After a competitive tender, Belmont Press were asked to produce four souvenir guides for Royal Museums Greenwich, which are; Royal Observatory Greenwich, National Maritime Museum, Maritime Greenwich and Cutty Sark. To produce the best quality guides as cost-effectively as possible, they are printed on Belmont’s Heidelberg 10-colour press with print runs of up to 25,000.

The guides are then held in stock by Belmont Press and called off when required with next day delivery to Royal Museums Greenwich. Belmont Press also prints posters that promote the temporary exhibitions and are also sold to visitors. These A2 posters are printed using Belmont’s Heidelberg 4-colour press with print runs of 200 or 500.

Quality Lithographic Printers

Royal Museums Greenwich has this to say: "Belmont Press provide everything that you want from a lithographic printers - reliability, excellent quality, good pricing and quick delivery. They are also friendly and easy to work with."

They added: "It is very important for the souvenir guides to be right and compiling each one is a complex project involving a large team at the museum. They are an important and visible part of the museum's brand so the print quality needs to be excellent...To maximise our profit, we need to buy high quality print as cost-effectively as possible. Belmont Press gives us a good price and holds the stock for us until we need it. This makes it sustainable for us and the whole process runs very smoothly."