Industville catalogue printing

Industville are a London based manufacturer of hand-crafted, high quality, industrial style lights and furniture. They market themselves to high-end restaurants, wine bars and retail clients as well as the general public.

Their product is premium, made from high quality materials, so when it comes to their flagship marketing brochure, the quality of the catalogue printing must reflect the product it’s selling.

The cover needed to be printed as a solid block, using Industville’s brand Pantone 431 grey ink. To finish off the completed PUR bound catalogue, the outer cover was soft touch laminated and a copper foil block needed to be applied. This finish would provide the luxury feel that Industville required. After a successful tender submission, Belmont Press was chosen as Industville’s key partner for the project. While our pricing was competitive, the driving factor behind the decision was the proven quality of our work along with the vast printing fire power we had at our disposal.

The pitfalls and solution

6,000 catalogues were required in total and the delivery date was a 'no fail' deadline. This was for an important exhibition taking place on 26th April 2019. Industville were also up against a ticking clock - hundreds of images needed to be inserted into the artwork before they could send it on for printing. In actual terms this meant that over 3 million A4 sheets of paper needed to pass through press, be bound together and special finishes applied within a 10 day period. This was from receipt of artwork on 15th April. Brand integrity was also extremely important to Industville. Their grey particularly has to be on point.

While artworking was still ongoing we provided a print test, illustrating the brand solid grey. We printed a ‘double hit’ of the Pantone colour to create a lovely smooth solid finish. Their key photography was also used within the print test, so the marketing team were safe in the knowledge the chosen paper provided exactly the right results. We then implemented a colour standard on the grey and programmed it into our presses. This meant we knew colour consistency would be achieved once the final artwork was made available.

The result

In order to take the pressure off of the Industville team, we requested artwork for the cover ahead of schedule. This allowed the design team to focus on the text, while Belmont printed and applied the special finishes to the covers. Upon receipt of the remaining text artwork, we immediately ascertained how many finished books were required for the exhibition. This enabled us to prioritise a smaller quantity of key, advanced catalogues to meet the no fail delivery. 

The end result is a striking 30mm thick, PUR bound premium catalogue. We distributed all 6,000 publications on time and on budget, to the quality that the brand demanded. The copper foil blocking on the front is given a platform by the smooth soft touch laminate. The solid grey underneath and Industville’s lovely portfolio of imagery is given justice by our high definition printing.

In May 2021 we were once again delighted to be invited to produce main catalogue and updated price list.