Heinz are a household name, with many of their tinned products and sauces reaching legend status amongst British shoppers. In December 2020, Belmont were approached with the concept of producing personalised labels, so shoppers could buy well-known products such as Tomato Ketchup, Soup and Mayonnaise as a novelty gift for a loved one. The brief was for data to be extracted from the Heinz website, sent to Belmont for it to be merged with standing artwork, before personalised digital printing and kiss-cutting taking place. The labels are then delivered to Heinz chosen fulfilment partner to attach onto product and mailing direct to the client.

The project was a perfect fit for our Digital Print and Online Solutions teams!

Personalised printing

From an ease of fulfilment sense, it was vitally important that Heinz fulfilment partner was able to process orders in a particular sequence. For example, if one customer ordered 1 x Ketchup label along with 1 x Tomato Soup label then the fulfilment team wanted the labels to run consecutively so distribution could be consolidated.

Our Online Solutions team created an API to retrieve the data, cleanse it, check for profanities and sort it into a very specific order, before sending it to our Digital Print team for personalised printing. Once the labels were printed, we then utilised our laser-guided Veloblade machine, which kiss-cut the labels to size before being packed. Throughout the entire process, the order of the labels was maintained.

Quick turn around

Due to the nature of the product that Heinz are selling, it's important that their customers are not waiting around for their orders. Our reactive team are able to turn labels around within 24 - 48 hours from receipt of artwork. This has enable Heinz fulfilment partner to handle large volumes of requests during peak periods.

Since contract commencement in December 2020, our team has processed tens of thousands of personlised printed labels, delivered on time and on budget.