Cranfield University

Cranfield University

Cranfield University is a British postgraduate public research university specialising in science, engineering, design, technology and management.

Following the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak, the University made the difficult decision to close its own internal printing facility. The facility was responsible for all internal communications and stationery as well as facilitating individual student requests.

As the University's incumbent supplier for the printing of their Undergraduate Prospectus, Belmont Press were invited to tender for the opportunity to step into the print teams big shoes to fulfil staff and student reprographics and print requirements.

The successful bidder would need to ensure a smooth transition from the existing print unit while making certain the transition was sensitive in it's nature due to the existing members of staff who were being relocated.

The brief

The University had four critical requirements: -

1. The web2print solution would incorporate all stationery, student coursework submissions as well as campus signage, including pop up displays and banners.

2. The supplier must be able to build a functional and user friendly web2print solution, tailored to their specific needs.

3. The supplier must have their own, internal technical support team to help train University staff on the functionality of the site.

4. The supplier must illustrate the right balance, offering value for money, quality of product and customer service.

The web2print solution would incorporate all stationery, student coursework submissions as well as campus signage, including pop up displays and banners.

Successful tender

Following an in depth competitive tender process, Belmont Press were chosen as the University's contracted parter for the service. Our proposal scored highly in the award criteria and our business fulfilled all four areas identified on the clients wish list. Our first priority was to kick start the contract with introductions of the two person team dedicated to the University account.

The team of two - consisting of an internal account manager and a regionally based representative - implemented a transition management plan, to ensure continuity of service from the University print team to Belmont Press.

The plan consisted of ensuring colour standards were set, guaranteeing brand consistency; making certain we had a supply of any stock held in storage at the University, enabling us to fulfil orders on transition day and making sure an effective service level agreement was in place that all key stakeholders were familiar with. 

Result and ongoing relationship

The plan also built time into the schedule to ensure the web2print portal we were developing was effectively stress tested, training courses for Cranfield staff were implemented and the portal was fully operational by the time of contract commencement.

12 months on from the go live date, Cranfield University orders are flowing seamlessly and we have built an excellent working relationship with all members of the University team.

Our service is reactive, often accommodating 24 hour turn-around and even same day deliveries.

The web2print portal is evolving all the time, as we build in new requirements for the team. In the first quarter of 2023, the Belmont team have successfully delivered over 120 projects for Cranfield University.